She didnt give examples because she wasnt bullied by Kirsten. I understand wanting to have what your friends have. So sad her life was shortened. . is it really about wealth, splendour etc? Bernadette was snotty to. Bernadette tried her best to forge a friendship under false pretenses and you Justify her actions, you must either be Bernadette or her sister, or a close friend or Relative. If it was your child that was murdered for some idiotic reasonsIm sure your perspective would change. Others didnt want any part of them cause Orinda kids want to be liked and accepted, and if you hang out with kids who arent you make yourself and outcast to. As for the girls acting like Hoes if they have PTSD from it maybe they should of thought of the consequences, before they did it. Some by the time theyre 18 depends on the maturity level theyre at. I also was in a school where most others came from two income families and most of the parents were accountants, lawyers or doctors. Bernadette planned everything down to the last detail, even telling Kirstens Mum to ask Kirsten not to tell anyone about the supposed dinner that night. I think NOT! Cant see her making fun of anyone. RELATED: 10 Best High School Movies Of All Time (Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes). She wanted in with Kirsten and she was afraid Kirsten would discuss the conversation, she held her captive till Kirsten escaped. She is rumored to have "two left feet". Also McDonald I heard of her on these sites. Well said Sarah. Like I said, Kirsten was so much fun. Also, Kirsten was upper middle class and lived in a less expensive area than Bernadette. Shame on you calling a dead girl names. Kirsten didnt hate anyone, (as for Dee) she didnt like the way she acted thats all. [1] According to Protti's later testimony, she had planned to take Costas to the party to befriend her, but Costas became angry when she was told that there was no dinner for the new "Bobbies." The only incident Bernadette recounted was a remark Kirsten made about her skis. It seemed like Bernadette needed intense psychotherapy for her issues. So Mats read the Definition Sweet, it doesnt line up,with Murder. Others are not so lucky. The whole movie seems based on stuff Bernadette said and from her point of view which is a bit unfair. Kirsten was a (down to earth) girl and she had a few she didnt like, esp. Also Karen, Kirsten favors Stacey Dash, with Lindsey Warners personality on Saved by the Bell. As for Bernadette, do I believe she was a nice girl, yes I believe she was, but she became overly jealous that led her to rage and murder. And anyone messed with one of us they had to take on all of us. All teen gals are (snotty) for the most part, but grow out of it. [5] He thought that he was witnessing a fistfight, but in fact Protti had stabbed Costas five times with a butcher knife and fled. I can see Kirsten not wanting to be bothered with her. I hear she disguised herself when she comes to Orinda wears shades over her eyes, and lives behind a long lane (mom does). Art became an executive with the 3M Corporation, and Berit stayed home, looking after the kids and the house. One girl said stupid stuff that embarrassed you, and cussed all the time, and other girls who smoked or cussed, she didnt associate with them, she didnt want around them. Wow all this bantering back and forth how sad. Death of a Cheerleader/A Friend to Die For, Baby Ruth candy bars & chocolates, the way they used to be years ago. Judging from your malicious, reprehensible comments and utter ignorance and delusion, your moral fiber is rotten to the core, and I pity any child subjected to your skewed guidance as their moral fiber will no doubt succumb to decay. She looks like she would have lit up a room. Angela Delvecchio Death Of A Cheerleader The Real Angela Delvecchio Photo Portrayed in the movie death of a cheerleader Bernadette Protti, her 1984 murder victim, Kirsten Costas.The Angela Delvecchio role played by kelli martin, is actually the complete oppisite of Bernadette Protti. Or do you mean that you think she was a fragile human being before she brutally murdered Kirsten? She had an issue, and if what Kirstens friends say are right about her and being so bold to outspoken maybe she recognized that the girl wasnt wrapped too tight but being young didnt know the term, hence calling her weird. I think you take things way to personal like Bernadette did, I believe MissKiwi Bernadette took things so serious that it became serious and a fatal obsession. Basically ,she liked everybody. Killing her just because you were jealous? So if your child were bully someone they deserve to die ? She threw up sour cream and onion chips. The knife was her sisters for making lunch it was even in the movie that way. The movie and rolling stone for both girls in a narrative to sell newspapers. Kirsten always showed off her cheers, she was proud. Bernadette is still a Pathetic Loser, and always will be. She was a typical teenage girl who just wanted to have fun with her friends. The reason why Bernadette killed Kirsten is because Kirsten didnt appreciated the fact that she was lured out of her house under the pretence of a Bobbies sorority initiation dinner by someone she wasnt friends or even acquaintances with. You are full of it. the fact is bullying had nothing to do with it she was a sick and twisted individual and still is! She was just into herself more than a being a bully. The release of Protti was met with vehement opposition from Costass parents. Wish someone who knew facts would tell us about the real events leading up to Kirstens death. She had a Childhood friend who was Popular, wonder she didnt go after her, and kill her, like Karen Severson. It's just another notch in your gun belt. She's the only backyard kid with a pitching rating of 10, and she does not disappoint. That already happened. This poor girl never got to grow up and experience life all because some horrible, disturbed girl murdered her. She killed her cause she was afraid Kirsten would target her as a Weirdo now shes labeled as a MURDERER And she killed her because she was jealous and that she would have been humiliuated if Kirsten told people at school that she was admiring her. So tragic that Kirsten was brutally murdered. Besides if Kirsten was going to out her, she would of told Alex Arnold all about it on the drive home. University of Michigan School of Nursing. We all are mental ill and could snap in a minute, so be good for yourself and others. Bernadettes BFF. I wasnt in the Popular, but those girls still talked to me and was friendly with me. I remember one time coming back from skiing, my friend and I were saying how we should stab the killer 18 times for what she did. If you werent Popular she looked down on you just as bad as Kirsten did. Giving our McDonalds name Dont prove you know them. Im sure today Ms. Stuff, D and Beauty and the Beast could still be the life of the Party if they wanted to be. I read alot om her to. (The misfits) we really didnt see them as Misfits. The only truly real statement that is completely believable is Bernadettes taped confession where she is mostly panicked about press and people knowing. Boys are Smart Aleck also, girls are Worse at it. That Movie was truly (one sided) and people are just going by off that Movie, and maybe Kirsten did say some mean things to other People, but who hasnt! Just because the Costas had millions of dollars and Are socialites Of the upper class community Does not give their family the right to treat others like dirt. They made that clear and so did she Every single day. I am 59 years old and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was happy enough at school without popularity. Well she had her Spirits and was funny ( if not funnier) like that. Bernadette then drove Kirsten to an empty car park at night and appears to have confessed feelings of admiration for Kirsten. They were good about making you feel like you didnt belong. I never seen her make fun of anyone, of course, I wasnt around her that much, but she was friendly and nice. Angela DelVecchio Managing Editor Philly Sports Digest, Award Winning Broadcast Journalist, News Director, Writer, Public Speaker. She was described as a nurturer in an episode of Killer Kids. Thats different, and usually those were the ones that were irritating and annoying. I still cant help from thinking that, but largely I think B killed K because K was blocking B from her rise in popularity. That Mats Chick dont know her head from her Butt. There is no need to BULLY someone who is poor which is what Kristen did!!! Even if you werent rich, if you were smart and acted sensible you were accepted. Kirsten would probaly still be today to if she was still alive. Of course its done and over with, and people arent forgiving and never let you forget anything you did, she made a enormous mistake, that cant change, but she does regret it and as for her and the Costas family making Peace, cant even tell you how much truth is in that, but Im sure she reached out and owned her part, but nothing she can do to change what the outcome cost them. Sticking up for a Murderer youre Pathetic. If Bernadette had considered Kirstens familys feelings at all, she wouldnt have stolen Kirsten from them by brutally murdering her. AKA Berns BFF named used in movie. Yes at times maybe she was Snippy, but were teens, who isnt! Kirstens future was right there in front of her staring her in the face, like the prom, graduation and deciding what College she would of been going to and getting married and having Children. To the fellow classmates of 1986 Miramonte, so sorry if your World crumbled cause it wasnt meant to be that way, but you got to know that it was t any picnic for Bernadette as well, and if she could set time back and do all over, she would of left the situation with Kirsten alone to start with. As I wrote in another comment to you, If Bernadette killed Kirsten because she was bullied and put down by her, why didnt she give examples at her trial which would have strengthened her case? [6], It took the police almost six months to find Costas' killer. You took the words right out of my mouth! Kirsten, who had just finished her sophomore year at Miramonte, had started to change social circles back in junior high, recalls her good friend Diane MacDonald. (207) 288-5119. I dealt with it so I know. 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In 1984, California's Miramonte High School cheerleader and all-around popularteen, Kirsten Costas, was murdered by her classmate Bernadette Protti, who was not only jealous of Kirsten's high-profile life but bitter and resentful that she took did not get picked for cheerleading or the yearbook committee. Maybe its the black and white look but Kirsten looked as plain as Bernadette. The girls quarreled and Costas fled to the home of Alex and Mary Jane Arnold, telling them that her friend had gone "weird. About seventeen years ago, Arthur and Berit Costas moved from Oakland to Orinda seeking a beautiful, safe community with good schools. They told about the girls ran out of School. I was in 8 the grade with Kirstens brother Peter and Bernadette had babysat me years prior and was very sweet. MSW Student @ Ohio University. Even if Missy and Kirsten were Bullies bo reason to Murder them. Was Bernadette fragile when she coolly discussed Kirstens murder with classmates, some of which include Kirstens friends. Arnold saw a flash from a metal blade about one-and-a-half feet long. Reading, Pennsylvania, United States No, it is about love, people. To begin life anew without the stigma of murderer attached to her, the parolee legally changed her name to Jeannette Butler and moved from California to Oklahoma and became a nurse. Angela Delvecchio is a family nurse practitioner in Bar Harbor, Maine. But I do agree in the movie Bernadette seemed dressed down the night of the murder and if she was really going to a popular party, bringing Kirsten and wanting to be seen as more popular, then she would have been dressed nicer. So people got the wrong view of her saying she was a Bully. For what? Yes. It just became a War between the 2 which one was better, and Kirsten was, and Bernadette wanted to be, and Kirsten was in her way. I just didnt bother with them. Love indeed. lifetime Death of a Cheerleader - What Happened to Angela Delvecchio? Get a Life please. If Kirsten was so mean, why didnt Bernadette just stay away from her? I had just got out of high school at that time from north of the bay area Yet it hit us all so close to home the horror of it seemed to change everything in a way all those years ago What brought me here is my own grief at the unsolved stabbing murder of my girlfriend And she resembled Kirsten in appearance and likely even more in personality I pray for Kirstens soul and her family What they have gone through the last 37 years the neverending nightmare it is literally Room 101 Something torn out of you removed an amputee Tortured by the phantom limb You can feel where it was what it was like to have it remember it but its gone. A sane or fragile person would not have been able to endure being confronted with so much pain that they were responsible for, yet Bernadette could and did. Its possible they forgave her and moved on. Kirstens friendship meant so much to her, she would go on and on about it. Kirsten was a true Social Butterfly, always joking with others, talking with others, We werent friends but I liked Kirsten and all those girls. This Virus is killing all the World over, esp. So I would say to any bully, we all have our weaknesses, Whoever DD is of Kirsten and them didnt like her, its cause she probably acted (Weird) around them. Girls are graded by twenty judges, and are told their fate at an Academy Awards-type ceremony where outgoing cheerleaders pluck names from envelopes, giving the winners kisses and flowers. While she lacked the blond good looks of many of her friends, she had beautiful olive skin, and when she pulled her curly hair brown with golden highlights back from her forehead, her mother thought Kirsten looked like a Vogue model. Bernadette was clearly very sick and disturbed, yet you appear to be minimizing or even excusing Kirstens murder by referring to Bernadette as a fragile human being, and writing Society in the richest places raise their children to be obnoxious and unbearable little freaks who will at some point push a normal person to the brink. "Well, let's just say if I left 15 years ago, the landscape of Mexican cinema would be very different today!" Cecilia Monroe was a woman who believed in herself. Not just the 2 accussed. I hear she isnt a nurse any longer and just stays home mostly. The girl that stole her life from her shouldve never been released from prison. She looked like Kirsten with her curly hair, and the Life of the Party like Kirsten. If you were a no body she didnt roll with you. . The dinner took place at the schools cafeteria. You know movies arent real, dont ya? GG was the mutual friend of Kirsten and Bernadette, GG doesnt want anything to do with Bernadette again ever. As I said, its possible Bernadette snapped and found the knife by chance; but if she hadnt of been so aggressive towards Kirsten to be her friend, she wouldnt of needed that knife. I admit that 7 years was a bit brief but thats how it is when youre underage. Bernadette was just as nice as we were on swim team together growing up. People who are spouting off on Kirsten are either Rejects, or friends or family of (Bernadette). We dont see the others, dont mix with their lives, not care for them, stay away or just say Its better that something happens to others, not me, but we dont get the message to be just more polite. That Movie had Tori Spelling kind of a Bully. This Mats person you sound just like what Bernies BFF said about Kirsten exactly. Who cares about that, that is no reason to be lured from your own home and murdered by a psycho. Then you wouldnt be worrying g about these people being the Life of the Party. No I would never kill someone from being bullied but I totally understand some people who do. we all need to teach our children to respect the feelings of others. She still is as far as Im concerned. This will always be a tragic story that will never be forgotten, I certainly never wanted that to happen to Kirsten or anyone,she was a daughter, sister and friend to many. That movie was terrible and blamed the victim for her own murder. Specialties Specialty Family Nurse Practitioner A family nurse practitioner is a nurse who completed a graduate degree in. The best way is to bring bullies down a peg or a few. Join Facebook to connect with Angela Delvecchio-Hall and others you may know. Kirstens friends who said she was nice, well they were all in some (Clique) and stuck together and helped one another out. I believe she made a clumsy pass at Kirsten, or said something weird, and Kirsten got all freaked. I just dont understand cant people just be happy with what god has made them. You that said Kirsten was mean, dont know her, or anything about her. (Kirsten sure didnt), Saying bullies need to get what they deserve. The person I knew didnt hate Kirsten, she just thought she was Snooty or Misunderstood. Protti received the maximum possible punishment of nine years, although she was released on parole after only seven years at the age of 23. Maybe her parents should have raised her better. My friend loved her and said she was one that you couldnt help but love even though she could be cocky. That way she would of learned and been afraid, no she took the Coward Way out and Murdered, and Bernadette was chasing after Kirsten. Im still scrolling through your crazed obsession. Angela Delvecchio. I just think Bernadette had underlying issues and pressure on her to get to the top, but that was no right for murder. Some she didnt like, Usually the ones no one else (liked). Kirsten never gave Bernadette any thought. In the meantime, the girl driving the Pinto had quickly parked and slid out of her own car. Angela DelVecchio - @Angel_Delvec Journalist, writer, mom, and animal lover Angela DelVecchio Goodson - @AngelaDelVecch6 Human Mom, Dog Mom. It has changed a bit in Backyard Hockey because in the older games, her outfit looks like overalls. Was Bernadette fragile when she took Catechism classes with one of the accused girls and would have no doubt seen the emotional toll being falsely accused of murder would have taken on the girl, yet she acted like nothing was amiss. Even if Kirsten was stuck up and a Bully! Rest In Peace Kirsten. She only had Certain friends. Born Today Most Popular Celebs Most Popular Celebs Celebrity News. I knew nothing about this story until I saw it on lifetime and I actually felt really sorry for Kelly Martin who portrayed Bernadette protti. She is still remembered for her heinous crime- murdering a young girl named Kirsten Marina Costas in 1984. [4], On June 23, 1984, Costas was lured with a phony invitation to a dinner for the Bob-o-Links, a sorority-like group at school. My kid knows better than to bully others. I dont believe she deserved to die, but she should have received a serious reality check. I would suggest that you should be able to distinguish between a fictional depiction and reality, but judging from your comments it is clearly beyond your capacity to do so. My comments arent gossip. I never imagined she would literally kill Kirsten, cause Bernadette was so quiet and her demeanor said nothing about her being a killer at all. Did you ever stop and think that Bernadette was a fragile human being? She only had certain friends. I dont think they meant any harm at all, and as for the prank calls, they were probaly only fooling around, Nancy would take it all wrong, and say things back thinking it was a personal attack my standpoint. this is one reason that I really have a hard time with lifetime movies. She dared to say she could not commit suicide because her religion would not allow it, but did not take into consideration the life of Kirstens! Read the article. This is all clearly stated in the intro. They were snooty and cocky but not mean. I cant believe they made a movie that was so offensive to the real victim. Im sure you were a big Smart Aleck. After the death of her rival, Angela seems to blossom. As for Kirsten making fun of outcasts, I agree every school has outcasts. She probably just told her off, like she did the others. In the film, Angela is convicted of second-degree murder (meaning it was not premeditated - even though it was) and sentenced to confinement in juvenile hall until age 25, but was released and paroled after a few years. I heard Bernadette was Snobbish also as well. Dont matter if Kirsten was a bully or the meanest girl ever, you haters on her leave her alone and let her Rest In Peace. I liked Nancy Kane, she got tired of having to be something she wasnt, they looked down on her well. The movie hinted at Bernadette being gay but only a hint. I didnt kill them. Killing is going to far. Really? I was fortunate to be surrounded by guys who were my best friends from 3rd grade and were very popular. Required fields are marked *. Kirstens family and Berns family were both Well off, Bern lived in a Richer part. I think she made a pass and got rejected. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I didnt know either girl, but there are people who knew them both, they were both described as Sweet, Kirsten was more Outgoing, and Bernadette was more shyer. She liked mostly everybody. Im irritated. Very few that arent. It was full of middle class and upper- middle class families. Here you are, pretending you care, pretending you wanna help me, when all your really care about is being popular. Bernadettes own parents turned her in. Bernadette was not only bitter and resentful that she was not selected for cheerleading or the yearbook committee, but she was also envious of Kirstens well-known life and the success she had achieved. People make their own reputation and choices in life whether they are bad or good. very sad. What a bizarre story. Also a DJ chick who was Singled out.Using McDonalds name sure she will appreciate it. Thanks for visiting and for supporting a small business! This Mats person youre either Bernadette, or sister, or a very good friend. Her classmate Bernadette Protti killed Kirsten Costas in 1984, a cheerleader and popular multi-talented teenager from Miramonte High School in California. Her friends got to where they avoided her if possible. School is what you make of it, bullying goes on all the time no reason to Murder over that, Kirsten would of grown out of it by now even if she was a bully. I hear Kirsten was a Sweet Adorable girl, and I heard she was a Bully. But you are not making her case by behaving like a bully yourself. Did you ever think that she would not want to try to defend herself in court with letting out the terrible things Kristen said to her and how she berated her and others because she was sorry and she felt as though that would only add insult to injury to Kristens family? Can you give examples of Kirsten bullying Bernadette? As I said, Kirsten was Conceited, and Stuck up, but not no Bully. Yes Kirsten and them all thought they were better than a lot. So this murderer just gets off free after 8 years and gets to live her life because (somebody picked on her)????? American filmmaker James Benning covered the aftermath of the murder in his 1987 documentary Landscape Suicide. Sad because K had it all as I saw it. I certainly dont condone murder under any circumstances even if someone is being bullied but I certainly think it is a terrible thing to actually do a movie that is based on true events without any detail to the accuracy of the characters. Kirsten was beautiful. Until something happens. People in Orinda arent worried about this so much anymore, for all over the World were in times of need and Sorrow. So she was a Bully, she is not here to defend herself any longer, so youre the Bully now. that HS was a tough place especially for girls. Maybe Snooty, but no Bully. Do you really think its acceptable to lure someone out of their house under false pretences and then expect a positive reaction if your lie is discovered? Bernadette then stalked Kirsten all the way to her house, ambushed her from behind with a 15/18 inch knife, inflicted Kirsten with two two foot wounds down her back and continued to stab Kirsten when she was suffering on the ground with her wounds. Wish someone would come back on here and tell us more about it. I dont know why you are saying nice things about Kristen she was very mean and she said stuff that offended people she stop acting like she was innocent. Do I believe she was (stuck up) to a degree I do, but arent most teen girls as I said before. But I heard both sides on Kirsten, some say she was a hugging person who liked everyone, like in the Interview of a friend of hers mom said she was a loveable Puppy. Former Receptionist Telephone Operator at Lane Insurance, Inc. Former ENTREPRUNEUR at DYNAMAXX International. I came across people like that in my in-laws family when I was married and it is pathetic the way older siblings are so selfish. 5.0 Takes time to answer my questions. . Regardless no one deserves to die like that. Bet you didnt walk on Water yourself as a teen, bet you were smart Aleck, most teen girls are, and they grow out of it, dont give them the right to be killed. 5.0 Provides follow-up as needed. I dont think she suffers from depression, but she is wanting to isolate from the World. Bernadette is hiding out, dont know about the depression, but she is in hiding and dont want her location exposed now, not sure if she is married anymore, but shes not working, she is somewhere out of State close to a family member. Now that you know, have fun looking around! Read the facts of the case instead of perpetuating lies that Kirsten pushed Bernadette or that she bullied Bernadette. So she had money, her family did. Like I said, Bernadette is shady. In more conservative societes in the world(its not USA) the educators and family see these things in the early stages and try to prevent them. True to the actual events, Angela idolizes Stacy and although she is accomplished academically, she just can't get herself "into the club," aka the cheer squad or yearbook staff. It was a tragedy that affected so many lives at that time. I have to agree some, I was there, Kirsten was Cocky at times, no means a Bully just self absorbed. Thisb isnt about Columbine, its about the Kirsten Costas case. Kirsten was attending cheerleading camp, living in a dorm at St Marys College in nearby Moraga, when Berit Costas received a seemingly uneventful call on Thursday, June 21, 1984. Mats Kirsten probaly didnt like you, dont mean she was that way to everybody. Get yourself checked out! You the one telling about the Bullied girls who were accused of the Crime. Your eyes are deceiving you. NEXT: Netflix's Cheer: Where the Cheerleaders Are Now, 10 Awesome Facts You Need To Know About The Lifetime Film, A Friend To Die For, 90210's Tori Spelling Can't Be on Real Housewives Because She's 'Too Nice', 10 Best High School Movies Of All Time (Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes), Heroes: How Saving The Cheerleader Saved The World (It's Not What You Think, Netflix's Cheer: Where the Cheerleaders Are Now. She eventually went by Jeanette Tomanka after getting married, changing her name after the event. Also, Im flattered by the attention you gave me on the blog. She and her BFF were both Odd. Menu Log In Sign Up philhealth coverage for gallstone operation 2021,